Monday, September 29, 2008

Books, Books, and more ... yes, BOOKS!

I read somewhere that being able to multi-task is not the sign of an efficient worker, rather the sign of someone who is overwhelmed by too much. I thought at the time, "Who writes this junk!?", but as I contemplate brick patio ideas while organizing books in the new bookcase by color, singing along to music from the blog, and eating dinner I wondered, maybe they were right!

When we take on too many projects, are we doomed to complete them with less accuracy, less dedication, less enthusiasm than we would otherwise?

Take the bookcases: while trying to complete the many other tasks before me, I tried to change lack-luster, (for the lack of a better word:) busted bookcases into something substantial, beautiful, custom. All the while I was working hard at my "real" job, fall cleaning the yard and house, blogging, oh and changing the lay out of the blog. (How do you like it?)
Now, I'm not complaining but I wonder if I had taken the time to work solely on the bookcases, would they be done by now? Would the crown molding have worked out better? Would ALL of the books have fit in the shelves? "... not the sign of an efficient worker". Maybe they are right.

At any route, I hope that my less efficient style gives my readers and friends joy, and as these past few blogs have been, this one is no different. For your eyes only: ANOTHER bookcase update.

I decided that it would probably be better for me to put the books in the bookcase before faux finishing the outside of the piece for two reasons. (1) I wanted to see how much of the clay color was prominent in the back of the bookcase. Had it been too much, my planned faux finish wouldn't have worked. (2) The finish is a series of finishes, and will be delicate. I don't want to risk nicking it with a book and having to re-do the entire piece because of the lighter/darker shades that would occur in fixing one spot.

I organized them by color, and I have to say, I'm a fan of the color-code organizing. There are 446 books in that unit, and it doesn't look cluttered. Well, not to me anyway.

I used some over sized kilim floor pillows we got in Turkey for the top, and books in the center. These are the books that wouldn't fit in the bookshelf because of the large opening left for the television.

I plan on painting the first glazing product on tomorrow morning before I leave for work, as it takes about 4 hours to set up. Once I get home, I'll have no problem painting over it, and then by Wednesday - as promised - I can rub on the final glaze, and then wax for the finished look. I know you're all anxious - but don't wait til' the big reveal to leave a comment. Tell me what you think about it thus far, is it better/worse than the original picture I painted?