Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2009 Interior Color Trends

I confess, I'm keep up with the trends. I don't always follow, but I keep up, and feel to be an educated decorator is the best one to be, well - talented helps. At any rate, I was searching through inspirational paint colors at the Sherwin Williams website this afternoon, while multi-tasking, exploring new colors for my L-shaped (now book free) office. I didn't know that Sherwin Williams had designers working on the 2009 Color Forecast, but was I ever glad to find it:

Color is on the move. The bold, saturated hues that have dominated palettes for the past few seasons are yielding to more complex, toned-down shades. Our eyes are ready for respite, says Jordan. Colors are dustier, with intriguing new undertones. And there's a new MVP in the palette: gray. "Grays play an ever-increasing role, cooling down our interiors and becoming the new neutral in both commercial and residential spaces", she says.

Now of course, after reading this I jumped for joy. Why? Well, I just painted my guest room a soft shade of gray/taupe/green and seems as though it was a good decision. Now, if you're not a fan of gray, I completely understand. Neither was I - at first. I always felt gray was too cold, too institutional, prison-like. But after exploring the many tones of gray in a prior post, I started to understand that it's neutral qualities are really quite better than that of it's brown counter-part.

Gray pairs well with a variety of colors, and can be used as a formal or informal hue for walls, molding, furniture, even floors. But, gray isn't the only "MVP" in 2009 color inspiration.

Affluence has a new face. Today’s young, green-minded customers are savoring life’s luxuries but bringing their consciences with them. The new luxury palette reflects botanical hues, evoking eco-tourism in exotic destinations, and natural flower and root dyes to tint the finest silks and cashmeres. “Mineral” hues, such as mother of pearl and warm metallic shades, combine earthy sensibility with refined taste.

For these new affluents, green has definitely outgrown its rustic roots, and ethical indulgence is the ultimate status symbol.

Good to know, right? Warm metallic shades: bronze, aged or patina gold, pewter, and rough copper should make a come back in the market, and it's no wonder. These metallic shades often bring a sense of calm, home, rest, relaxation. If the trend is more toward "home-life" in 2009, I think to be wrapped in a warm bronzed cashmere throw next to a roaring copper colored fire, would be the perfect place to unwind.

And now for the colors, I know you're all on the edge of your seats.

Juicy Fruit. Red gets a mouthwatering new look with a hint of orange zest. Sherwin-Williams' Enticing Red invokes lush tropical flowers and fruit, with a Latin American accent.

All Grown Up. The sweetness of pink acquires new nuance and sophistication, with shades ranging from brights with subtle infusions of orange or violet, to dusty and romantic.

New Appeal. Orange transitions in '09, from the crayon-bright intensity of seasons past to more elegant and restrained shades. We still savor the spice hues inspired by global influences, but Tigereye tones it down slightly with just a touch of yellow.


Mellow Yellows. Yellow has been a recent star on fashion runways, and the sunny shades are now brightening interior palettes, from the soft Daffodil of spring blossoms to the ripened maize of Gambol Gold. Energetic, green-influenced yellows, like the lime-infused Eye Catching, are a hit with Gen Y and others who want to make a bravura statement.

Grassroots Movement. Greens are on the move, acquiring muddier, more yellow-based shadings than we've seen in the recent past. Grandiose and Lemon Verbena bring grayed-down gravitas to the mix, while elegant Alexandrite, a gemstone-infused green, contributes a touch of blue.

Natural Wonders. Today's neutrals are grounded in the environment, with hues inspired by wood, stone and natural fibers, such as Wool Skein, Mesa Tan and Umber. Wood tones have a new yellow influence, and metallic browns have taken on gray.

Gorgeous Grays. Grays themselves range from cool Zircon to warm Keystone, inspired by the juxtaposition of high-tech steel and decades-old urban concrete.


Purple Reign. Violets and plums continue their regal influence in '09, although they're more red-based than in '08. Plummy and Plum Dandy add smoky new shadings to the royal mix, and look especially fresh when combined with neon greens, pinks, grays and blacks.

Liquid Assets. Water is essential - to life and to the palette. Our growing awareness of this vital natural resource keeps blue in the color forefront. Dignity Blue offers a deep Mediterranean take, while Quench Blue and Aqua-Sphere suggest the Caribbean Sea. Celestial adds a clean, fresh blue with just a droplet of violet.

Again, trends aren't always meant to be followed, but I hope that this helps in your winter planning for spring 2009 projects around the house! Of course, you can order a fan-deck of the 2009 colors online for free by clicking here.