Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Short Update

Tonight we had our soup and bread party, which went very well. Our guests were satisfied, and their true cooking genius shone through in each and every dish. From the butternut squash with cider cream soup and potato-onion scones, to the chili with saltine crackers, it was delicious through the very last spoon. "Margaret" was so sweet to bring my favorite: Pecan Pie!, and the pumpkin butter we bought at last weeks farmer's market was delicious on the fresh chocolate chip zucchini muffins!

I've had limited blog time due to my guest, and hosting duties - but I haven't forgotten anyone, and I wanted to check in quickly to let you know not to turn the light off for Color Outside the Lines.

We spent the day in Toronto, Canada yesterday, and I have to share with you all a very reoccuring trend I found among the design shops of their very Tony interior design/high-end furniture district, East King Street: DRIFTWOOD!
Now, of course I'm a huge fan because it makes me feel like hanging the driftwood above the master bedroom headboard was "cutting edge" but also because it has a natural texture, shape, and feeling that I think transitions well into almost every decor. These driftwood pieces (mostly lamps) didn't come at inexpensive tag prices mind you. From the small table lamp at $5,650 to the larger double light floor lamp at $9,700 they were not within my price range.

However, I do live within minutes of the very same water-way where most of these driftwood lamps were fashioned, and so I spent the earlier part of today gathering driftwood. In the coming days, we'll put the "Artie-Version" of the lamp together and then - it could be yours!
Stay tuned for details ...