Monday, October 20, 2008

A Weekend Away

When our house guest was here last weekend, we went to Toronto for the day and browsed some of the most beautiful and pricey home interior shops in Downtown. A chic little village known as King Street East. I, much unlike myself, forgot my camera and wasn't able to catalog the gorgeous furniture and accessories I had seen during that trip with you all.

So, this weekend, Scott and I ventured out to Toronto again. This time, I had my camera, and my blogger pen to write down store names and addresses, websites and the like so that I could come back and share all of the glorious goodies available in Canada.

Now, I was able to mention just a few of the fabulous driftwood items from a Trianon, and create the driftwood lamp which I will be giving away in just a few days! Trianon is a glorious store, with brick walls, large windows, soaring ceilings, filled to the brim with interesting and eclectic items. Their taste verges french, but with a twist, a big twist.

My friend Joni, from CotedeTexas would just love this great store, and I bet she's reading this now with love for those great cane back chairs. And what about that zinc table?

They also carry a great variety of these ironwork re purposed pieces. From tables to lamps, they're gorgeous and certainly inspire. Check out that driftwood lamp next to the chair ... I like the one I did better. tee-hee!

And then there are the rooster feathered lampshades, which they have throughout the store; on lamps, sconces, hanging pendants. They're textural and interesting - definitely adhering to that twist I was talking about no? I love these sconces on either side of this mirror, a little Beetlejuice, a little Alice in Wonderland ... a great store, I'd highly recommend you visit if you're ever in the Toronto area. Trianon: 247 King Street East, Toronto, ON, Ca

Next, we head over to Stacaro, possibly my favorite of all of the stores on King Street. Stacaro has the most interesting furniture, and the most gorgeous paint colors in their showroom.

These chairs, both sets, are simply stunning don't you think? Both french, and very comfortable, they add a chic sophistication to the otherwise rustic table. Interesting paint treatments, odd pairings, sophisticated - all words that I would use to describe the glorious items that grace the beautiful showroom of Stacaro.

Certainly a little Pottery Barn, a little Restoration Hardware you see quite a bit of familiar items in the Stacaro Showroom. Last weekend, our guest pointed out these lovely silver globes which Target had copied in this years collection. Just shows you don't have to spend a fortune to have interesting and gorgeous accessories from high-end designer showrooms.

And finally, this office photo - fantastic, no? I'd love to recreate this once my office is completed in the basement! Silver and black, gray and crystal ... all popped by that beautiful banana palm in the corner. Inspirational items abound in this store, so look forward to a Stacaro post soon.

If you're going: Stacaro: 225 King Street East, Toronto, ON, Ca.