Saturday, November 8, 2008


Juxtapose: the word itself is extremely fun to say. Try it. Juxtapose.

Websters defines Juxtapose as a transitive verb, meaning to place side by side. However, in the English language, we know that in addition, this is used most especially when placing items side by side for comparison or contrast.

Sal's home is a lesson in Juxtapose: a french settee and a African mask; a piece of abstract art by an unknown artist, next to Remington bronzes; a 19Th century Victorian mansion with graceful carvings on all of the tortoise mahogany filled with dusty old metal trinkets of the 1950's and early 60's.

It speaks of the character of the owner, and it also tells the story of what he'd like his home to be.

My design ideas for Sal's eclectic, ethnic, and rustic decor in his refined, elegant, graceful home is a play on that juxtaposition. Picture Kelly green silk chandelier shades and burlap curtains; graceful antique french chairs with 100-year old leather trunks; oriental silk drapes and tortoise bamboo roman shades; an African sarcophagus with a pair of driftwood buffet lamps.

I think that speaks to the rooms, to the owner, and to my personal design sensibilities - and so that is what I have prepare for him to view this morning. The floorplans are rough sketch, the renderings - amateur, but the ideas are plentiful.

Tell me what you think:

The room, as photographed on Wednesday.

Rough Overview of the Room, now as a Dining Room, using most of Sal's existing furniture. (Photo's of the furniture to follow in a secondary post!)

And of course, I have the paint and fabric samples too. Here is how it looks all put together on the design board.
Click Photo for Larger View

You can see the painted ceilings to the bottom left of the design board. It's my hope that Sal will appreciate this technique for the ceiling in the room - using the colors immediately to the right: Behr's " Rhino" 710E-3p(base), "Miami Spice" 220D-6a (stencil/pattern), "Palm Breeze" 420E-2u (accent).

I think that it will give interest to the room, accentuate the high ceilings, and of course, the fabulous chandelier. The chandelier will don new shades. The amber domes will come off, and will be replaced by miniature chandelier shades covered in either the Kelly Green Taffeta you see at center, or the gorgeous and rich purple taffeta beside it.

Above the taffeta samples, you'll see a dyed burlap. It's colors - in fact, all of the colors on the board - are a bit muted due to the flash. It does have a blue/green/gray hue to it however, and I will propose we line it with a light weight cotton.

The the left of the burlap, we have the 3 choices for paint for both the dining room and the living room. For the dining room: Behr's "Southern Breeze" 450E-3p, "Scotland Road" 450F-4a, or "Pinedale Shores" 700F-4p. All of these colors, though some deeper than others in base, have that beautiful blue/gray form that I think will work beautiful against the rich mahogany tones to the woods, and floors, along with the wide variety of art on display.

For the Living Room: Behr's "Spring Hill" 420E-3p, "Laurel Mist" 430E-3p, and the color of my own dining room "Grasshopper Wing" 400F-6a.

I haven't completed a sketch of the parlor yet. The overview is heavier due to more furniture, but I will show that to you in coming days as well. As I write this my stomach is growling, and my darling Scott is calling for me to go. How will Sal react to the board? We'll see ...