Wednesday, November 12, 2008

RMS Mrs Ben

It isn't often that I am welcomed home by a package waiting at the door, but today as I turned into the drive, I noticed a large white envelope propped half against the front door of the house. I would have normally wondered what it was that I had ordered during one of my late-night insomnia shopping adventures ... but I had fair warning. The ever so beautiful, and always gracious Mrs. Ben had let me know a few days earlier to be watching for a package ... all the way from Canada!

I eagerly rushed inside the house, and tore into the package. Not before taking pictures, of course!

Now, I had a hint of the contents inside because of the Canada-to-USA shipping label, but wouldn't you know, Mrs. Ben had this beautiful custom stationary. Perfect for the holidays.

And beyond that beautiful stationary, with the most darling private note, were 3 issues of Canada's Style at Home - one of my very favorite Internet Sources! I learned through the beautiful memo from the oh so generous Brenda, (Mrs. Ben) that this isn't all I'll be getting - the subscription she gifted in my name will begin to arrive in January.

Brenda has commented on almost every entry from the beginning of Color Outside the Lines. On days when I thought the rest of the blogging world had vanished clear off the face of the bloggy moon, Mrs. Ben was there. With her at the side of the blog, I've built a host of other friends just like her: all of you, who read the blog daily. Your comments, your votes, your ideas, and your creativity keep me fueled to do more, and be better!

Brenda, like most of us, found her way through Rate My Space, where she has posted some wonderful pictures of her Tudor style home.

This photo of her rock garden, posted in June is absolutely - hands down - one of my favorite landscapes on RMS. Living in a snow-belt myself, I can appreciate a job well done, using limited plants. Mrs. Ben and her DH, did most of the work themselves, which shows in every well manicured, perfect touch! But not only does she have a magic touch outside, Mrs. Ben has some of the most delightful napkin folding decorating tips! I used her bunny design (below) for a light brunch for the block club in August! It was a HUGE hit, along with the carrot cake.

I think most of all, however, I was particular touched and wowed by the color blocking she did in a Baby's Nursery for her first grandson. She searched high and low for appropriate weight pastels to complete the look, and found the perfect match which she sewed herself. (Sewing is a huge hobby of Brenda's, and she's quite good at it too!) A couture and serene space perfect for a restful slumber, don't you think?

Brenda doesn't have a blog of her own, although this multi-talented, generous, and beautiful lady is quite busy keeping up with her long list of blogs. When she's not browsing the rants of mine and fellow bloggers, I suspect she's sewing or curled up with a warm cup of tea and a good Stephen King novel.

Thank you again, Mrs. Ben, for your generosity, kind hearted spirit, a subscription to one of my favorite magazines, your friendship, and certainly for being with me through my awkward growing stage!

And the Winners Are ...

To be completely fair, I had Scott assist in and monitor this contest! First I cut pieces of paper and wrote everyone who entered down on their own individual sheet:

Then, I folded you all up into equal "folded" pieces of paper:

Don't worry - no one was hurt in this process. Then I put you all into a hat to have a little party:

And then, I had Scott draw the winners:

Congratulations to the winners: Nikki Crumpet, Jill, and Laurie! Please contact me as soon as you can via e-mail with which shelter magazine you'd most like a years subscription to! (And don't forget to add me to your "Blogs I Follow" list!

Now ... for the rest of you. I meant to give this out on my 100th blog post, but it simply couldn't wait until then. I know that this doesn't mean the same as winning a contest, or thumbing through the pages of your very own magazines; but I created this award just for you! No questions, no passing it along, just a token of my gratitude for your continued friendship and support of Color Outside the Lines! So, to all of you who entered: the FIRST Color Outside the Lines Award!

Wear it proudly!