Friday, November 21, 2008

Tag Sales Story #5

Well, here we are - our contest finale. These past few days have been a wonderful testament to the creativity that abounds here in the blogosphere, and I can't convey in words how proud I am of my readers and friends on their wonderful projects, both big and small.
I've also been able to connect with a few people who have only silently connected with this blog before, like Meg of Pigtown Designs. When Meg read the Tag Sales challenge, she was so kind to share a wonderful bargain she found at a tag sale not too terribly long ago:

This metal barristers case cost Meg only $25, a great bargain, and what a wonderful display item. Though Meg hasn't had much time since her purchase to make improvements to the piece - take a look at how beautiful it is all on it's own.

I can picture this in a sleek home office, a glass table held up by two saw horses painted black, a white leather wingback chair on one side of the desk, one long and narrow ottoman on the other. Walls painted a deep kelly green, simple bamboo roman shades in the windows flanked by dupioni drapes hung in from the ceiling puddling softly on the floor. On either side of the barristers case, two large urns painted orange each hold a reindeer moss ball/twig arrangement. I could go on all day ...

Thanks Meg for sharing your steal of a deal! And thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. The judging will be difficult, but a portion of the decision comes from the comments left on the page of the submission. So take a look back over the past few days. If you didn't comment on one of your favorites, make sure to head back now!