Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Design: Kevin in Dallas

I am constantly amazed by the creativity and ingenius ideas of my readers and friends here at Color Outside the Lines, and today is no different. If you're not familiar with the word cloche, don't worry - I wasn't either. Cloche is the French word for bell, and though it might be used in several ways in reference to bells and bell-shaped items, we'll focus on the French glass cloche, (bell jar).

The bell jar is formed of a solid piece of glass, shaped like a dome, and was used initially to cover tempermental plants during the frost and bleak cold. You still see them used ornamentally over live and silk orchids, like below:

And today, Kevin in Dallas, author of decorjournal, gives us another use for these beautiful glass bells:

Kevin wrote that this is a yearly tradition in his Dallas home, but after the first year he chose to put together the lovely vignette with paper mache fruit. What a lovely display!

Thank you Kevin for your entry! Please e-mail me with your address, and I'll put your special Christmas Gift from me and Color Outside the Lines in the mail!

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