Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Designs: G in CT

G in CT, a reader, friend, and amazingly gifted decorator has welcomed me to give you all a tour of his beautiful home and grounds in Connecticut today. Now, everyone form an orderly line, and please listen to this announcement from the ATGS (Artie's Tour Guide Service):

"Welcome to the Tour of GinCT's beautiful Connecticut Estate. Please, keep all hands and feet inside of tour ropes at all times, and refrain from powering on any electronic devices, cell phones, or pagers during the tour. We know you have a choice when touring, and we thank you for choosing ATGS."

First stop, a beautiful planter on the lawn. This gorgeous greens creation was fashioned by G himself. A mix of fallen branches, dried leaves, hydrangeas, and pine cones make for a welcoming and beautiful centerpiece to this beautiful home.

Note the graceful shape of the planter, and the careful attention to detail by G. The draping of the fresh greens, the heavy layering done to add depth, interest, and texture. Beautiful job!

Here we are at the front door. The columns providing the perfect symmetry needed for these beautiful urns filled with fresh greens and thin evergreens wrapped in berries and mini lights. The wreath, garland, and welcome mat are just begging for people to come in, stay a while, and enjoy yourself. So, lets take a peek!

G forces bulbs during the winter season for his beautiful spring and summer gardens. Each of them are masterfully displayed on beds of soft moss, or in antique forcing vases, and even in the paper bark of a birch tree. Above you'll notice the gorgeous topiary, designed and created by G in an effort to spread a little holiday cheer throughout this gorgeous home!

My favorite part? The beautiful reindeer nesting in the moss, aptly called "reindeer" moss within the topiary. It's the small details that change what would have otherwise been called a houseplant, into a work of art.

Moving along into the dining room, we're greeted by a guest! Here our iron farmer, carrying a basket of slightly opened bulbs (French tulips - I believe) smiles hello, and seems to sing: "Enjoy the rest of your tour!" Oh, and you will! Let's take a quick look at this vignette though. Notice the beautiful candle sconce behind the farmer? The beautiful fresh cut stems in the vase aside? This proves that light, height, and might can build a beautiful vignette - perfect for the pages of traditional home! Oh, to have a portion of G's talent for scale and interest.

G informed me before the tour, that due to a new addition to the family, a beautiful kitty, the tree will remain lit, but free of ornaments. Kitty needs a year of getting used to the tree before it can be festooned with 1000's of antique ornaments. Above, however, G has left us a little peek into his Christmas collection: antique lights. Some of you, on this tour, may have a few of these, or remember seeing them in your childhood trees. Look at the Santa's resting softly in the beautiful iron plate on a cutting of fir branches. They look right at home!

This beautiful Spanish iron piece holds a candle nestled in moss and fresh winter berries. This delightful seasonal table centerpiece adds light and natural cheer to any room.

Oh, and look what we have? The left over center piece from last nights sausage, sweet potato, and blue cheese casserole. A soft and elegant display, perfect for a dinner.

Oh, and look what we have here, a dinner with our tour?

I'm not sure what's on the menu ... this wasn't a part of the scheduled tour. Everyone have a seat and enjoy the Christmas music, and beautiful centerpiece of dried florals, moss, and glass ... I'll be right back!

Yooooo Hoooo, G! What's for Dinner?