Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tablescape Tuesday


This marks my first Tablescape Tuesday, and although I wanted to enter with a *BANG* I'm sorry that this will sorta just, *pop*. First, let me express my sincere and appreciated gratitude to those ladies and gentlemen of blogland who put time and effort into these Tablescape Tuesday posts. I now know, it isn't easy!

With last minute Christmas shopping, wrapping, and of course, that one gift I thought I'd make for a special friend - suffice to say I didn't have nearly the time I'd like to have to present a tablescape to my dear friends and readers. But, because I said I would: I did. I hope you enjoy!

Scott has collected the Pfaltzgraff Heritage Pattern for about 20 years, and we have more pieces than I can even begin to count. Since last year, Scott and I have been picking up the Christmas patterns as we see it: at garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, and markets. So far, we have 2 - yes, count 'em two dinner plates, and 4 coffee cups and saucers.

The plates have quite possibly the most beautiful Christmas tree on them I've ever seen. A wash of greens, reds, and golds - they're festive, but sophisticated.

Notice the green band around the lip of the plate and cup, and the mini tree printed in the cup, not on the bottom as you'd expect, but on the side.

Nutcrackers make great cookie-guards, "No cookies til' AFTER dinner, sir!" The green glass ornaments rest on gold napkin rings, and the gold mini-ornaments stack nicely inside candle votives. Even though this is a much more casual setting than I'd hoped to bring to you all on my first Tablescape Tuesday - I think the Nutcrackers enjoyed coming out of their boxes.

Now, for my good internet sleuths and flea market browsers, please keep me and this pattern in your mind during your next few visits to your favorite bargain basements. I'd love to add to the collection, and eventually be able to serve more than just Scott on these great little plates!
Oh, the tree! Again? How did that sneak in there? Truth is, I had decided that I would buy myself a little something for Christmas: a tripod for my camera. I've found that in my home, the best pictures are taken with the flash off. This requires the camera to be very still however, and I had run out of flat surfaces to rest a camera on for every angle I'd hoped to catch. So, look forward to better pictures of things to come!
But, of course - I wasn't completely selfish. Over the past few days we have gotten about 24" of snow here in Western New York, and that made me fond of summer, and beaches, sand and palm trees. So, because it's Tablescape Tuesday, so close to Christmas, and drearily cold outside, I have a gift for one lucky reader:

A set of (4) Four, BRAND NEW Brass Tropical Paradise Palm Tree Napkin Rings for your next Tablescape Tuesday! (Above picture courtesy of LNT.com)

To be entered for the drawing, simply leave a comment on the blog today. I'll draw the winner first thing tomorrow morning - and have these off to you in time to use next Tuesday!