Monday, January 5, 2009

The Object of My Affection:

Of course, you expect to see a picture of Scott here, no? Well ... truth be told, I have a new obsession: Wingback Headboards!

Yes, I know - it's certainly a little lewd, (don't tell Scott!) but I just can't seem to turn away from those graceful lines, and the timeless shape.

This photo from Better Homes and Gardens is stunning, don't you think. From the beautiful headboard, to those stools at the end of the bed - even the mirror and chandelier - it's all spectacular. It makes me long for something new, something different, something - forbidden!
Just look at the sleek and sophisticated lines of this gorgeous creation! The arch, the curve, the strength, the style: it's my dream come true. (Sorry, Scott!)

Even this younger, more hip wingback caught my eye! (I tend to gravitate toward the older models!) The linear lines, the nailhead trim, it sparkles, it dazzles, and it comforts with that cozy button detail. What more could you ask for?

And for that truly "out of this world" experience - why not go for this rattan islander sort of get-up? Look at it's dark tan, and exaggerated features! This is certainly oscar worthy!

And finally, my heart goes pitter-pat for this very soft, handsome number. It's that kinda bed that will be with you when you wake up in the morning, holding you tight through the night. The kinda bed you can show to your family without concern, and the type of bed you know will always be there, faithful and kind.

I made the headboard in our bedroom. It's very linear, no curve, no grace. Just strong and masculine, with hard nailhead trim, and a little padding in the middle. I suppose they do that over time, huh? But I'm in need of a change, a change in a more gentle direction! No more hard linear lines! I need soft, elegant curves, covered in a cloudy sky blue mohair and nothing else. Forget the hard nailhead trim - I'm not vain, give me softness anyday!

So what do you think? Is it time for a change?

Certainly Justine would agree that it's time to let go of my trash to treasure cieling fixture - she's hated that thing since it's early years on RMS. I have found a great alternative however, and while I wait for your advice on the headboard - I thought I'd give you this to ponder too:
Beautiful, Restoration Hardware. Very expensive!

Similar, and equally beautiful,, $99. To which should I allow the pleasure of lighting my new headboard? Oh, and who would like the old one?