Friday, January 16, 2009

A Dreamhouse Change

After having an architect friend give an unofficial review of the last dream house plan, I learned that I had forgotten a few key pieces to a well functioning house:

1. A utility room where I could house a water heater, or furnace. Go figure, those are never fun to decorate!

2. The Master Closet was huge, and the hallway leading to the Master Bedroom was really wasted space. So, the hall bath was turned, opening up the family room, and allowing for a hall closet to be added. Smart.

Then Robyn added that I didn't have a laundry room, and posted a good question: why did my new dream home not include my new dream bed, the beautiful wingback? Then many of you wondered the same thing! How was I going to keep all of this lovely white furniture clean with two rowdy puppies and no washer/dryer!?

So I added a pantry (upon Scott's request), and adjoining it accessible from the hall from the kitchen to the dining room, a utility room/laundry room. Now, for the puppy question - I still haven't quite figured out that part of the dream. And, the wingback will be in the guest bungalow - which we'll tackle soon.

I did however find the perfect ceiling fixtures for the kitchen island:

Just dreamy, huh?