Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

Yes, I know, I promised a video blog today, but two things have made that an impossibility: (1) the rooms aren't quite finished and (2) I discovered a few minutes ago while trying to record a video blog of my antiques trip, my camera is broken. Yes, broken - and no, I'm not making that up!

Try and try, fiddle and fiddle, I can't get it to record. So, I'm sorry, but no video blog today. However, I do have some pretty pictures of the antiques I browsed today with Scott. He was so nice to take me away from the cleaning and decorating of it all, and so I thought I'd pack you all up and take you with me!


Here we are! YAY! And the first thing that caught my eye was this shelf painted and glazed in a beautiful grey. How pretty? This would be a great piece to hang in a kitchen, with copper pots hung from those hooks, or in a hall for coats and bags.

Only $70, and this could be yours! The possibilities are endless really, but Scott says power on, oh Artie, power on! There is more shopping to be done. So come along group. Let's seek!

Oooo, Isa! LOOK! Shutters! Just for you!!

Eeeek! What do you mean they're not for sale!? Beautiful huh? Aged and patinaed. This is something that can't be created with a sander and some paint, no - this is the wear and beauty of a lifetime of use. They're rustic and sophisticated all at the same time, no wonder they're display only.

Ooo, but these aren't display only! Nope, $89 and they could be yours! Perhaps with a light sanding a darker wash these could be almost as nice as the NFS pair we saw first. Lets tootle along, there are more beautiful things to be seen!

Like these old glass rolling pins!

And this barrel of pins. Wouldn't these be great in a stone crock atop an island? That kitchen decor element that is interesting and fun, while still being useful and unique! Ah-ha! I'll take two!

Oh and a basket of old grain sacks, the new "in" item I hear. Only $4!? I'll take the basket too!
Ah so much to see, and so little time. I need a foot rub and latte, but I did it. I found it! The perfect vase filler I've been searching for! Something no one else will have!
What is it?
Come back tomorrow! ;)