Monday, January 26, 2009

Bottle Mania

Well, here it is - the grand unveiling - my pretties from the all-day shopping extravaganza! Vintage Pharmacy Apothecary Jars!

These little dudes, and I do mean little, only about an inch tall, and nearly the circumference of a penny, make the most beautiful vases don't they?

Or simply in a jar (or in this case larger glass apothecary) as vase filler. Their muddy amber color is such a lovely compliment to almost any color.

And as you can see, I liked them so much, I bought over 100 of them. I couldn't resist. After all, with 1,000,001 uses, and such interesting charm - how could I not?

Perhaps Jack would like some of these beans?

Or you could leave a note for your beloved?

Single servings of spice at a dinner party; party favors filled with annual seeds at a garden themed picnic; clue vessels for a fun scavenger hunt; great candle holders for thin menora candles; clipped onto Christmas lights in next years Christmas tree for a touch of color and whimsy; filled with the tiny beads and string to make a friendship bracelet; or simply scattered upon old leather books for interesting texture and sparkle on a side table or mantle - the usefulness of these mini-jars are only limited by your imagination.

So, don't keep it bottled up - what would you do with them? I'm dying to know!