Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Giveaway Day!

Have you tried to hang frames in groups in your house? Maybe in a hallway leading up a staircase?
Perhaps just one over the other to crown the perfect buffet, or side table?

Maybe you've got a collection of art you'd like to hang over the bed?

Or behind the sofa?

Maybe an abstract hanging of several frames is what you're going for?

Well, if you've tried to do it before, but they just seemed too crooked, or you ended up with a nice arrangement but walls that resembled swiss cheese, perhaps this can help you!

The hang and level! It's a great tool for DIY Designers, and trade designers, too! Marks exactly where the nail or screw should go, and has a handy level to make sure that they're all at the same mark, and level straight across.
You could pay $19.99 for one of these do-it-all-hanging-genies! BUT WAIT! If you comment right now, I'll give it to you for free, and I'll throw a second one in. That's right! Two winners will be announced tomorrow. Just leave a comment on this blog post! If you're a follower, I'll put your name in twice!
Happy Wednesday!