Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ah, Paradise

Nestled in the hills of the prestigious, Palm Springs, California lives a television icon. Most remembered for her days as the ditzy Chrissy Snow on Three's Company, Suzanne Somers has really made a home for herself here in the desert, with husband Alan Hamel, the popular Toronto native, who hosted many television shows on Canadian Television. Here, in the hills of Palm Springs, among 65-acres of the most lush and beautiful landscape, is Somers 80+ year old home, les baux de Palm Springs.

Look at the beautiful iron gates leading you into the trail of stone steps which take you to the gorgeous main house. No detail was left undone here. The original owner, and builder of this property wanted to emulate homes of the South of France, and spent more than 10 years making sure that every stone, every beam, every feature of this magnificent estate was perfectly placed. Somers and husband Hamel purchased the property and restored the original home, doubling its size while paying careful attention to detail, along with an amphitheatre and several guest cottages/suites.
Inside, Somers decor speaks in humble melodies of calm and sophisticated, while remaining true to her love for all things beautiful. The antique leather club chairs are a perfect match to the zebra rug, and antique cabinet, don't you think? Somers must love to be surrounded by her favorite things - and so artfully designed - who wouldn't?
The kitchen is obviously not 80+ years old, but I love how nicely it fits the bones of this majestic beauty. Somers has written 11 books, sharing more than 600 recipes , so it's obvious - this is a cooks kitchen!
The home is complete with 7 individual suites. This one, with it's kelly green velvet drapes and white bedding is one of my favorites.
Here again we see the use of the kelly green velvet and white linen. Zebra rugs cover the gorgeous sandstone floors, and the view of the mountains out of that window: priceless!
Now this, my friends, is a closet! Complete with antique armoires and chandeliers, tres chic!
And will you look at the gorgeous pickled ceiling in this suite? Stunning! I would certainly have no problem laying in this bed for hours upon hours. But why do that, when there are so many lovely outdoor living spaces for you to enjoy!
This patio off of the master bedroom is simply stunning. An elegant aroma of fragrant flowers, the sounds of grasses whipping in the desert wind, the shade of the mountains keeping you cool, while the serenity keeps you calm and collected. What a beautiful place to have your morning coffee?
And for those of us who prefer a more sunny spot, the spa and pool area are a stones throw from the patio. Rustic in their stone construction, the warm waters are a perfect way to welcome the morning, or rest away the day.

Entertaining is something Somers and Hamel love, and why not with a house like this? A great idea for your next table scape - a white table cloth with a mix of chairs - candles flickering down the expansive length of the table - simple, elegant - perfection. Too much? Need room for just 3 or 4?

Perhaps dinner under the iron pergola is more your style? Complete with views unsurpassed!
This home was listed at 35 million dollars, but in January of this year, the price was dropped to 14.9 million, a dramatic cut of more than 50%. With unprecedented views, so much space, and the ultimate location among 65 acres in the hills of Palm Springs, CA., I say it's worth the price - and as soon as I win the lottery, I'll have you all over for dinner!