Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Elusive ...

I've been talking for some time now about building a pergola off of my detached garage in the very far left hand corner of my back yard. It's a plan that has taken some serious time and consideration, and will take some back breaking work, but once it's complete - it will be the showpiece of the yard, and a great 15x11 foot space to entertain friends and spend calm summer evenings with Scott, listening to the roaring sound of Niagara Falls.

I've probably found every picture of a pergola ever made to make my decisions on what style, what decorative cuts, what lumber, what color, what size, what shape to mimic my pergola after. With help from Isa, who has several attached pergolas to her home, I think we came up with a creative way to make it work.

So after the plan was drawn, and the size and materials were thought out - it was down to the color. Scott wanted to stain the pergola the same color as the fence, but I wanted to paint it the trim color of the garage. Guess who won that argument? ME! Of course! I did however make one concession, Scott will get a chance to grow clematis on the front of the pergola, and I'll move my grapevine to the back left corner.

I know many of you have heard me say this before, but I was lucky enough to get brick from my company after a deconstruction project of a 70-year old building completed. I knew I was getting a good deal, but it wasn't until I priced antique, reclaimed brick that I realized how much of a good deal I was getting. I think the varied hues of the brick, layed in a herringbone pattern (tentative) will be a show stopping floor perfect for the pergola, and a great way to stay green ... adding character and whimsy, all at the same time.

Of course, the plantings around the front entrance of the pergola are still in the works. I'd like to make some large planters/fountains. I'll make sure to share those plans with you all later, and as for the actual progress photos of our pergola, look forward to those in May. The ground here is still frozen, and the temperatures are in the single digits, but we feel like we can break ground the first weekend in May, possibly the last weekend in April - and have the brick patio, and pergola built and finished by June 7th.
Once it's complete ... Party at our house! Happy Wednesday!