Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bathroom Update

The bathroom is on hiatus, atleast until I can find an alternative to the shower surround unit Scott had chosen. You see, after purchasing the base, I found it to be very thin. It was almost too thin, and absolutely too thin to be comfortable installing on the second floor of our house. After all - the whole purpose of putting in a new shower was to cure the problem from before ... installing an inferior product would only make things worse eventually.

So, we (my brother and I) are returning the shower base tonight, and hopefully this weekend I'll find the place where the previous owner purchased the one that was there before. Now, there is nothing wrong with the previous shower floor, the problem was in the shower door surround which travelled off into never-never land with the tile. So there is a possibility of having the old shower floor resurfaced ... in any case, we've come to a grinding halt - one that I can't even begin to think about getting up and moving again until Saturday afternoon.

So perhaps there will be a tiled shower surround after all. What is that saying about budgets? Take what you think something will cost and multiply by three? Oh me, oh my!