Friday, April 3, 2009

Fido Fridays with D and Abby

Attention! Attention Humans! This is Abby, Golden Goddess, err - I mean, Retriever, and I proudly bark that my human, has happily allowed me and D, my annoying brother pet, to blog! FINALLY! We've begged him for almost a year and today he listened to our proposal! It certainly helped that we had already interviewed another very popular bloggy doggy:

Mister, one happenin' Yorkie, who owns Gollum, at Designs by Gollum. We had a blast with Mister and have lots of photos to show you of his puppy palace next week. Of course you'll get the secrets of just how deep plate addictions run over at Mister's NEXT Friday. Til' then check back with us here as our human said he'd let us chime in on what we think about interior design next week!

Oh, and wait - here's D ...

Here ye! Here ye! Eh, um - ok, just listen, alright?! This is a good one! I have a giveaway you Louis Vuitton totin' humans are gonna LOVE! That's right, Louis Vuitton. What is it? Come back on Friday, and leave us a message - we're waggin' to hear from ya!