Friday, April 10, 2009

Fido Friday: Long Awaited Interview with Mister

YAY! It's FRIDAY! And you know what that means ... FIDO FRIDAY with Abby and D - the designer yuppy puppies. All week you've had a taste of what we can do with interior design when left to our own accord ... but today is all about another designer doggy: MISTER, of DesignsbyGollum!

We had a chance to lunch with Mister last week, and we had a tail wagging time! Mister shared plenty of secrets about living in the Gollum house, and we have them here for your eyes only. Oooo, I guess that means we're like the dog version of Perez Hilton?

D & Abby: We've followed your human since our dad's early days on HGTV's Ratemyspace, and we have to say - that's one supreme doggy playground. What's your favorite spot in the house?
Mister: I have rotating favorites. Mainly I like to be with The Big Girl, because wherever she is, so is the food . I like to hang out in Big Girl's writing place. I can tell you things about her, if you like. But you will have to bribe me.
D: We see tons of things come in and out of the house, and rarely are they for us. Unfortunately! Since Abby was here before me, she told me that's just a part of living with a decorating human. What's it like living with a decorating human at your place?
Mister: It is very hard on me. I HATES it. :::Spits::: Decorating involves a lot of lessons for me, like, don't lick paint or walk in it. Also, she gets huffy when I water the draperies. The bestest thing she does is, when she goes out, she always brings me a toy. I so love my toys.
Abby: All that aside, what's it like living on a farm?
Mister: Honestly? I don't know. She keeps me in the house, or on a leash. It's like living in a giant, protective bubble. Big Girl is a scaredy cat. If I sneeze, she takes me to the cursed vet. She is a helicopter human. When we moved here, I thought it would be like Born Free mixed with Old Yeller. She thinks a hawk or donkey will get me. What a disappointment.
D: I've always wanted to chase a goat, what's it like chasing goats?
Mister: I love to look out the window at the baby goats. I would so love to chase them. I would not eat them, though.
Abby: One of our dad's favorite things in your house is the head your mom has on the living room floor. I think would scare the puppy right out of D if he came across that thing in the middle of the night. What were your feelings when that came in the house?
Mister: Big Girl's mother, The Big Old Woman, boughted it at a garage sale. She said it was the head of Beethoven, but it looks Greek to me. I water it all the time, and it is slowly acquiring a yellow patina.
D: Scare the puppy out of me!? I'm not scared of anything! Especially getting in trouble! How many times have you snagged something your human cooked for Foodie Friday's, Mister?
Mister: One time The Big Dude was eating steak.. Oh, I smelled it. I could taste it. He would only feed me green beans, the jerk. So when he got up to answer the phone, I jumped onto the bench, climbed over to the table, and scarfed down the steak. When he returned, he accused The Big Girl of being a neatnick and throwing away his food. Boy, that was a close call.
Abby: So your human collects plates, our humans collect them too! What do you think that's all about? I mean - really, why can't they just have one bowl? WE DO!
Mister: Well, I used to think that, too, until she got me hooked on stuffed toys. I rip their ears--just a little, just enough to scare her into buying me a fresh one. I have a great pile of them. What I don't like is how she hides dishes behind the curtains. That's just plain silly!
Abby: We read that you like to help your human with decorating decisions - and we are intrigued! Tell us, how would you decorate your perfect puppy palace?
Mister: I would do food themed rooms. I would love to design a hot dog shaped sofa and hamburger chairs. But in my design, I would also have food available...not all of these freaking empty plates that Big Girl is so fond of.
Abby & D: Thanks so much for your time Mister, we know that working that farm can take a lot out of you! Take care!
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