Friday, April 24, 2009


There was a lot of reaction to the wingback chairs in the photo from Wednesday's post. It seems as though everyone, or most everyone, was excited to see these chairs used as oversized dining chairs in the large kitchen/family area of the Atlanta home.

It made me search back through my catalog of images to find a few more wingback pictures that jumped out at me, and proved that you can use just about anything anywhere if you're willing to Color Outside the Lines. (Above) You see the beautiful teal upholstery on the gorgeous wingbacks of the 2009 Country Living Design House. I love that they paired the gorgeous, sumptuous teal velvet with mustard dupioni. Le yum!
Here, in another kitchen, they used wingbacks as the head chairs for this gorgeous but super long table. I love this set up, but it doesn't look useful, nor would I advocate using a fabric (like this one) in a kitchen. Unless of course you don't cook, or you don't clean - and then by all means, go ahead! This set up, though purely for ideas, is a great way to look at how you might set up a dining room table though, in a room where onions won't permeate your fabric.

And finally, as office chairs. This is an absolutely marvelous way to use a wingback. They're cozy, but straight backed enough to serve beautifully as office chairs, and the set up here is just lovely. If you've got your eye on a wingback, or have a wingback in your house you've used creatively - let me know - I'd love to post it here.
The hubs and I celebrate our 3-year anniversary this weekend, so look forward to a few posts on what we did next week - until then, happy Weekend all!