Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Summer in the making ...

It's only Spring here in Western New York. My sun kissed face and arms prove that, along with the ear to ear smile I've had with the extra dose of sun these past few days. That set me on a forward trajectory: spring cleaning the house, planning in the garden, digging for the elusive patio I've blogged about for what seems like eternity, and taking inventory of all the 1-hour projects I've got on the back burner.

But, just like many people who suffer from a creative mind - I found fun and unique ways to skirt the issues facing me from my to-do and honey-do lists, and browse for new and fun inspiration. Today: Screen Doors.

Nothing quite says Welcome like a screen door. So southern, so charming, so ... summer. I remember as a child having a screen door on the front of our house - the long porch stretching to either side of it with two large wooden rocking chairs on either side of the door. Opening the door to the house every summer was like holding court with my mother and father. "Why are you going back in the house now Artie?" or after many slams of the door, "STAY IN OR STAY OUT!" (How many of you have said that to your little ones!?)
So it's no wonder that the sound of a slamming screen door, the feel of knocking on one, the sheer barrier between nature and interior - almost seamless, beautifully neutral, has stuck with me all these years.

Now that spring has arrived, and the windows have been opened to help freshen up the air and linens in the house it occurred to me that there's no time like the present to get a screen door of my own. Installation is a snap, I thought - and what a wonderful blog project!

Convincing Scott, however - that was the hard part. So off to the hardware stores, lumber yards, and custom design centers we trotted. Each one not having exactly what I'd hoped, and absolutely nothing Scott agreed with.

It was then I remembered that this is how Scott is: eternally suspicious of the idea, and always happy with the outcome. Why, How, WHEN he'll ever just trust me still wrenches my every cranial crevice.

So what was the outcome, you ask? Check back tomorrow!!