Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Special Post

Today I told the Yuppy Puppies that I was taking pictures of the Garden to put on the blog. I'm so excited to show you all that my gardening last year actually took, that I just couldn't wait!

Of course, Abby & D thought it a bit premature! "That's ain't no garden, DAD!" But I'll share anyway - it'll be a good series of before shots!

Last year Scott and I planted out an area of our backyard, making room for what we thought would eventually be a flagstone patio in a round(ish) shape. After the beds were planted, however, we decided that we liked the green space, and therefore focused our patio efforts to the garage area which are "in-progress". I didn't plant too many perennials last year because I was so eager to get everything ready for the garden walk that annuals gave me the most bang for my buck. Those few perennials I did plant though, are coming back with strong arms, and I'm sure will be even bigger and better this year!

The allium is beautiful, a purple ball of small petals. It's actually from the onion family, but so decorative, and when they dry, they make the most interesting and textural yard ornaments. Sputnik like. Very cool.

My asiatic lilies must really like it here, along with my creeping evergreen. When I planted the two asiatic lily bulbs last year I never dreamed that they'd divide so beautifully. I now have 10!

This is either Salvia, False Sunflower, Coreopsis, or well ... or. I'm not sure what I planted to be quite honest with you - so it's a surprise! Oh what a lovely surprise.

Along with this surprise.

And this surprise. Though my guess is that this is the salvia.

Now, this garden is laughable at this point, I know. It's barely May here in the frozen north east and we're so happy that things are popping out of the ground we're a little quick to say that we have our "gardens" ready. It's particularly rough when you have gardening aficionado's living right on the street! One of them, a very close and dear friend to me had a big birthday today, and I thought I'd share with you her garden, and her gift.

Melisa is a mother of 4 beautiful children, and probably the best friend and neighbor you could ever hope for. She's always got something going on, as many mothers of young children do, but Melisa is unique in that she somehow finds the energy to tear on a pair of wind pants at the end of a long hard day, and walk 2 miles with her group of neighborhood friends most every night. It's at these brisk, (well sometimes brisk) walks that we all get to share in the joys and burdens of everyday life, console one another, laugh at each other, and build an even deeper bond and friendship. Above - Melisa's garden is one of the most beautiful on the street. Her shaded front yard is a wild wash of color throughout the season, with blues, pinks, violets and creams - she has an interesting garden philosophy: If I like it, I plant it. Who cares if it grows!?

I think she knows more than she lets on, don't you?

I recently had the pleasure of decorating (redesigning) Melisa's living room - which I'll share with you in another blog, but I have to say her impeccable taste inside and outside are a delight.
Melisa and I met through "Margaret" who lives directly across the street and has children the same age. They carpool, team swap, babysit, sleepover, coffee clatch, and admire together, and luckily through my friendship with Margaret I've also built one with Melisa.

Today, a big birthday, we (Dorothy, Margaret, Scott, and I) decided that we would buy her something she'd hinted she wanted since early March. A topiary. But not just any topiary. No - she wanted a figurative topiary. Of what you ask?

A dog. A lab in fact, to resemble (on a smaller scale) her HUGE black Labrador retriever. Available at http://www.rittenhouse.ca/ these "Gone to the Dogs" topiaries range in price, but are a solid investment piece perfect for a whimsical garden, dog lovers, or just people looking for fun and interesting home decor. Scott and I are thinking about buying a mossed Boston Terrier for the front porch!

Melisa was very happy with her gift, and we could see the wheels turning in her head when she said: "Now, where do I put it?!" Melisa is a wonderful, beautiful person with so much grace and love. Her thoughtfulness and friendship has meant more to me than I could ever fathom trying to explain. She along with Dorothy and "Margaret", make up a group of my very best friends, and how lucky am I that they're literally only footsteps away?

Happy Birthday Melisa! Thank you for your friendship, but mostly for just being you.