Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lake House Dreaming

Last night, I turned to Scott and said - let's paint every wall in this house antique white! He looked back at me and said simply, "No."

Let me explain. You see, when we moved to New York from Texas I had made it perfectly clear that not a room of my house would be white, not even the closets. Nor would they be a variation of white, or a cute name for white, like antique, linen, parchment, ecru, or mother of pearl. No - I wanted to make a statement, a footprint. It wasn't until recently that I realized white, or those fancy names for white - can do just that!

These pictures of a lake house styled and decorated by an Atlanta based Interior Designer are a perfect example of how white walls can help to give a space endless potential, or make a bold statement. The soft and subtle texture and tone of the upholstery in this space, along with the rough natural color of the fireplace stone are accentuated beautifully by the absence of color. The white provides a soothing finish, and a sophisticated touch that allows you to focus in on the supreme selection of finishes and accessories.
Take for instance the mirror above the mantle. Antique? Architectural Salvage re purposed? New - made to look old? It's hard to tell from this angle and at this distance - but it's these little pieces that make a house a home. The smalls that tell a story, and provide a history to a space that may or may not have one.
Seeing these photos made me long for white walls, cream, ecru, linen, parchment - you name it, so long as they're white. But Scott held firm, "I like, no - I love the way the house looks just like it is." Now, I know - and many of you know, that is code for: "I don't want to paint these walls! It's a pain in my neck!" And even though I knew that there was a part of his compliment that held his own best interest in mind, he was partially honest, too. We do love our house. It's us, it's cozy, it's comfortable. There are a few unfinished rooms and those are what I should focus on - not a complete upheaval of the finished space just to have white walls.
Scott's suggestion? "Let's move!"
Moving, I'm not ready for - but second house? Definitely. And with inspiration pictures this lovely, who wouldn't want to jump ship on the weekends and spend a relaxing day on the lake?