Monday, May 11, 2009

Rochester Lilac Festival

For my birthday, we made the short drive to Rochester to tour the annual Lilac Festival in the city's Highland Park. Never in my life have I seen or smelled such beauty, been touched by such gentle silence, or experienced such peace. It was as if, for only a few hours, it was just me and the lilacs. And all was good. I made sure to leave these photos large, so take the time during the tour to click on the photo's for larger images. You won't be disappointed.

Hundreds of varieties, a myriad of colors, a buffet of scents. It was, by far, the most interesting and enjoyable day trip I've had inside Western New York, since I moved here 3 years ago.

Winding pathways of grass took you through elegant alleys of pink, purple, lemon and snow white.

And though for the better part of the morning the sky was gray, they parted in the afternoon, casting a gentle glow on the grounds below. Dappled shade provided cool shelter, and the warm light among the boughs of lilac bushes provided a potpourri of perfumes - each quietly existing in its private space.

All of this beauty, in the center of a city. The hustle, the bustle, the motion - all ceased in that moment, while the lilacs danced their ballet, orchestrated their symphony and sang their encored aria.

But it wasn't all lilacs in these gardens. Colorful blooms on Japanese magnolia trees, ornamental cherry trees, red buds, and cypress; beach wood, tulips, daffodils, wisteria and daisies: it was a complete decoration of color and theme: Welcome Home Spring.

So many photos, so little time. We're gathering up the last bits on our way to Brimfield, and setting up our house guests while we're away. I hope you enjoy the tour, and if you happen to find yourself in the Rochester area, I believe the festival is extended through this weekend. I ensure a good time to be had by all.
I'll catch up when back from the antique mecca. Til then, peace may you find in the simplicity of a garden.