Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Sick Blogger ...

I had great plans to start working on the backyard projects this week, finishing up this weekend, as I have Monday off thanks to my very kind office, but, I've fallen a little behind schedule due to my recent: "Seasonal Viral Infection with Flu-like Symptoms". All that money, and that's what I get?

Still, I'm getting better - feeling much better with each hour actually. Last night Scott promised use of our backyard to the block club on the 17th of June, which I don't mind at all - especially since it's fueling new momentum to have it all completed by then. We've added a retaining wall to the mix - something that we had only talked about briefly in our planning processes before. Something new everyday, I tell ya!

I'm sorry that I have no update pictures for you all to see ... hopefully there will be a whole slew of photos of progress available Monday night. Til' then - have a great weekend, and a wonderful holiday. If you're travelling - stay safe, and if you're gardening/decorating - have fun!