Monday, June 1, 2009

New Event: Share a Garden Sunday

Gardening is a passion of mine, and of Scott's, so when summer rolls around in Western New York, you'll find both of us outside planting in, digging in, weeding in, mowing, and sometimes even enjoying the garden. With our temperate season, things here take a little longer to come up, but when they do - they grow wild, and have prolific blooms. With things changing so quickly, I thought it a good idea to chronicle the changes, and invite you to do the same with your garden.

Whether you have a north, south, east, west, or middle of it all climate; formal, informal, shabby, chic, patio, container or field garden; years of experience, or your very first time - this Share a Garden Sunday should be an event that will provide a virtual garden tour of inspiration, color, peace, and beauty.

The rules are simple: there are no rules. Simply put the button above on your blog every sunday and come over to Color Outside the Lines and put your post on the Mr. Linky widget. From there, enjoy the myriad of garden scapes that are sure to please the eye.

Don't have a garden? That's ok! It's called "Share a Garden Sunday" not, share your garden. We all have a sister, brother, neighbor, or friend who has a garden we admire but hardly ever visit. Take your camera and a plate of cookies over and snap a few shots. Got a park or a public garden in your community you'd love to brag about? Snap some pictures of those great gardens and you're in!

Rock gardens, water features, baskets, pots, annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs: it all qualifies. There are no rules, remember - so share what you love, and make sure to check out everyone who plays along.

If you don't have a blog - but have a garden you'd love to share - email me the pictures, I'll share it here, along with my posts.

Gardening is a respite for so many of us, and Sundays the last day of relaxation for most before heading back to a hectic work week. Color Outside the Lines started as a humble gardening blog, and a novice one at that. I had never taken a horticulture class, never even learned how to correctly plant tender plantings. Scott, on the other hand, had tons of experience: growing orchids, mixing textures, colors, knowing the climates, requirements, tolerance and significance of plants. All it took was a dose of his knowledge and a couple of beautiful gardens to get me in the mood to garden. I hope that these Sunday posts will help you do the same.

The first "Share a Garden" Sunday is THIS Sunday, June 7. I'll have the Mr. Linky up and ready on Saturday by 6pm, EST. Remember to post the link to the post itself, and to visit as many of the gardens you can. Hope you'll all join in!