Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Great Garden Helper

While out and about during my lunch break yesterday, I happened upon a great new friend, just looking for a garden to help out in. He didn't have a name, so I named him Earl, and told Earl that he could come home and help me out with my garden. He was so excited, he jumped on my visa, and into my car, and away we went.

I told Earl: "You're a gift for my Scott, so you have to be real impressive when he gets home, make sure to smile - he loves it when people smile."

Earl replied with his best smile, and I knew he'd be perfect! Ready, Set, Action - Earl went into scene with a passion like no one else - stoic, solid - he nailed that part.

Earl is super excited about Share a Garden Sundays hosted here at Color Outside the Lines. He'll be giving the commentary on the gardens here at Casa de la Vanderdogan - as my muddy hands would be a mess for the keyboard. Give him a break if the writing is a little stiff - he's new at this blog thing. SMILE, and Enjoy your Tuesday!