Saturday, June 6, 2009

Share a Garden Sunday

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But, onward and upward it's garden time. Remember that Share a Garden Sunday isn't necessarily gardens you have done yourself. They can be those gardens of a friend, sibling, neighbor, mother ... the possibilities are endless. Do you have a favorite inspiration image your keeping hidden in your f:drive for that day when you can finally work on your garden? Why not pull it out for all of us to see.

Today, I'm going to show you my new addition to the garden. No, not Earl, but he's there too ... this is a 13' addition:

Yes, an entirely new bed off of the peninsula. Scott had purchased all of these plants and had intended them to go in another space. Through some clever brain washing - I convinced him to move them to the back ... but ... it's not all win-win. No, I had to dig this space, which resulted in a pretty lousy garden injury. A HUGE blister on the palm of my hand. Buggers!

The new space effectively creates what I was going for when I first planned the gardens last year: 3-separate spaces. The front "round" yard is between the house and trees, and functions as a space where four lounge chairs could fit cozily around a table or firepit with no problem. It's almost a secret garden like atmosphere, too, when the garden completely fills in. This new area will create the second room, or yard that we're calling the "long" yard. This would function as an outdoor eating area or perhaps dance floor - depending on how wild and crazy the party on the patio gets. :)

Beautiful peach roses, cannas, lambsear, stella d'oro daylilies, pink and yellow lilies, coneflower, beebalm, coreopsis and salvia ... all of my favorites are here.

And here's a little bit of the separation factor. This peninsula separates the round yard from the long yard. Eventually, the perennial banana tree will grow to 10', and give a second wall to the patio area ... helping to further define the spaces.
My gardens are still in process. It's June here in WNY, and even though I certainly could have more spring-blooming flowers, the summer ones are taking their sweet time opening up. I promise though, in a few weeks - it will be alive with color, breathtaking ... and I'll make sure to share it all with you here, at Share a Garden Sundays.
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