Friday, June 12, 2009

200 Posts - A Look Back

That's right - 200 posts, and just a few days shy of having this blog up and running for 1-year, I sit here amazed that I've found so much to say. Not only that, but also that so many of you have read it. With over 100,000 visits, 4,100+ comments, and over a 130 faithful followers - I am truly touched beyond words that you all share a part of your day - no matter how long - with me, here at Color Outside the Lines. Blogging, has been such a retreat for me, and I'm so glad that I get to rest here, in the good company of all of you. So thanks for the ride - here' s to 200 more. And now - a look back at some of your favorites:

I've been sequestered in the backyard here at Casa de la Vanderdogan for the past month or so working on the old gardens, new gardens, and everything in between. This "Bohemian Chic" tablescape really was born in the car on my way home from work, and with only an hour of daylight left by the time I arrived home, I threw it all together to share for Susan's Tablescape Thursday. I was shocked, but oh so flattered, when you all had so many kind things to say.

We experienced the journey of my screen door dreams coming true. A baby boy of West Texas - I grew up with a screen door, and I knew that I would always have to have one. Thankfully, after a few pouts and bribes, Scott agreed to let me have my way. I think so many of you remember screen doors from your past - and you lived vicariously through this post. The stories you had about growing up - sewing bobbins for child knobs, mother's scolding "Stay in, or Stay OUT!" it was an entertaining post, and I can tell you - the door is getting plenty of good use, whilst Scott yells: "STAY IN OR STAY OUT!"

We watched in amazement as the Yuppy Puppies pushed around the furniture in the living room, to create the Canine Transformation part 1. There were mixed reviews about this one, but mostly good, and I'll tell you - living in this room is really, really wonderful. Something about reading a book in those leather chairs, feet up on the ottoman, soft music in the background ... it's very, very nice! Great job Yuppy Puppies!

But before the pups changed it all up, we got to size up my first ever sewing project, the pillows I made for the chairs when the sofa was still in the living room. Remember those?! That combination post was a nice light refreshing change to the living room - and I think we all enjoyed seeing that, except of course the guest who said the room had "lost it's wow factor" ... read more of the post for that juicy story!

We went shopping, and found great vintage medicine vials that I used for bud vases, then vase filler in the living room. Your ideas on the many ways these could be used were fantastic! I really have very creative readers.

Christmas was a delight - in the dining room ...

and the living room, this year. You all had so many wonderful and delightful compliments to the two very different themes. I hope I don't disappoint when I add the third tree to the landscape this Christmas ... shhh! the details are a secret for now.

And then of course - there was the end of summer tent dinner last year. I received some of the sweetest emails, and the most complimentary of comments for that post ... thank you!
Once again, I don't know how to thank you enough for the continued support you all show to Color Outside the Lines. If I could shake all of your hands individually, I would. Thanks for watching, reading, laughing, and living with me - and fasten your seat belts - we've had our break, now lets get back on the road, together.