Saturday, July 4, 2009

Look Ma, I Made the Paper!

Picture this: me, wide awake, 4:30am. A restless night - most of it spent tossing and turning, running back and forth from the bedroom to the office waiting for updates to the Buffalo News website. Finally - 6:00am, still no updates, still no newspaper - I run out, hair a mess, t-shirt, underwear ... I know ... and jump into the car and race up the street to check the machine ... when

there it sat; in black & white and color too, the copy of the newspaper I'd looked forward to for the past 2-weeks, lifetime - really. The editor decided to title it: Niagara Gorge-eous, and I knew immediately it was going to be perfect!

"Their eclectic collection of furniture and accessories is well-suited to the home’s interior –the main living space being three rooms adjoined by French doors off the foyer."

"A common thread is that nothing looks new, says Vanderpool, who describes the look as “rustic elegance.” The “rustic” comes from a ladder and other items from old farms and elsewhere. The “elegance” comes from beautiful rugs, great upholstery and silks, Vanderpool says. "
" This is a home where leather living room chairs from a designer showroom mix with an old dining table, chairs, hutch and sideboard purchased from a neighbor for $200. A section from a Victorian garage door — found at an antique store in Ellicottville — leans against a wall. An old wooden luggage cart from Cincinnati Railroad serves as a coffee table in the sunroom. "
" “Coming to dinner here is an event. You don’t just come to eat. You come to look,” said Allison Pasquantino, a neighbor, friend and fellow organizer of Orchard Parkway Garden Walk, which takes place from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m. July 11. "

" Not that anything at the house — inside or out — actually is “done.” “It still is a work in progress. It will always be a work in progress,” Vanderpool says. "

Really, an honor and a pleasure to have worked with Susan Martin on this beautifully written article, and Bill Wippert the photographer who I have emailed for copy of the photos he took. Both those used, and those that weren't. I'll share whatever I can get from him when they come through. Thanks to all of you who sent along emails and comments wishing us success in this shoot, and calming words for the anticipation anxiety I suffered when this all started. I appreciate you all - and hope you all enjoy the full article, and collection of photos.

In other news - Share a Garden Sunday will be skipped this Sunday, and will resume next Sunday to feature the Garden Walk. I've got a lot of prepping to do! Happy 4th!