Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday - A Garden Realized

I've been sick. Terribly sick, actually. This morning my eyes were swollen shut, and I could barely breath. It was awful, and it hasn't gotten much better as the day trudged along. I did however make an effort to go out and take pictures of the garden with my new camera. I haven't quite figured out how to work all of the gadgets yet, but as soon as I do, I'll let you know how well I like it. (Above) the garden, almost in it's entirety. It's come a long way, huh? Look at Earl over there to the right, still happy as a clam.

Our daylilies are opening up now, along with the pink garden phlox. It's really a stunning pairing.
Looking through the mirror, again. This camera is a full 5 megapixels larger than my point and shoot, and a DSLR, so there are all sorts of interesting tid' bits I've still to learn in order to capture the best shots and the best settings; but I'm in love with this.

The liatris (purple) almost at full bloom is certainly attracting it's fair share of visitors. The bees seem to love it more than the beebalm I planted. Look closely - I found a bee that was just loving having his picture taken. Photogenic little bugger!

And then he popped right over and got some sweets from the false sunflower which is planted beneath the river clump birch tree and next to the butterfly bush. The black eyed susans planted just to the left of this shot are opening (finally) so it should be a nice August showing.
I know that it's a short post, but again, feeling under the weather with a new camera is really not the best time to be out shooting pictures of the garden. You all take good care, and chew your vitamins!