Friday, August 7, 2009

Testing : LOCKED

Now blogger is giving me this notice, and asking me for Word Verification in order to post - which it (in RED print) warns that I will not be able to do. So, I'm testing the system. I put in my request to have my blog viewed by a human, 48 hours ago. I'm still getting this message. I realize that things happen, in a world where we depend so heavily on the kindness of machines, safeguards like spam filters are going to malfunction. But 48 hours for a human to see that I've had a well travelled and highly commented blog for more than a year!?

I'd appreciate any ones comment on this post to let me know that I indeed have posting capability, that is, until they possibly delete the blog all together in 18 days ... and counting. If you think this is as ridiculous as I do ... please, feel free to email google humans at:

Let them know that I don't talk about nor deliver spam to any of your mailboxes or desktops, laptops, too! :) Thanks a million!