Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Orange Zeal

My thoughts exactly! The mind knows, or at least mine knows - that was not orange!

So, last night in an attempt to share with you all the makings of the "fall" Casa de la Vanderdogan, I didn't pay too much attention to the coloring on the photograph. I figured that my screen must have been playing tricks on my very tired eyes, and I'd deal with it in the morning. Subsequently, on another monitor entirely, I couldn't help but notice how orange the pillows on the chair looked, along with the cable knit throw on the sofa.

It swirled my mind into question after question - thinking about camera settings, lighting, etc.. Not that I don't like orange, because I do. I really do. But the pillows and throw are actually a soft sort of rusted coral color, the perfect match to the rusty red/coral color you see in the Turkish kilim rug. So while I play around with the camera settings and lighting for the pictures that will follow of Casa de la Vanderdogan, I thought I'd share some of my favorite orange spaces, intentionally orange - that is.

And lastly, though it's certainly not in the same league as the designer rooms above, my schizophrenic living room. Orange, Rust, Terracotta-Blush ... who knows? But I love it, and that's my number one design lesson for today, and for always: When you love it - it stays!