Wednesday, September 30, 2009

TT Thursday: Spooky Napkin Ring How To

Well, it's finally October, time to pull out the wool sweaters, warm up the apple cider, and gather the pumpkins, mums, pansies and kale. Of course, there is that little day at the end of the month, too ... and with that brings the knock knock of trick-or-treaters, jackolanterns, skeletons, ghosts, goblins and ghouls. I know I'm a bit early with this one, but I wanted to make sure that you all had time to put some of these fantastic napkin rings together for any Spooky October tablescapes.

What you'll need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun / Glue Sticks (P.S., Thank you to Dorothy who had a readily available glue gun I could borrow!)
  • Skeleton Hands (Dollar Tree)
  • Bloody Gauze (Dollar Tree) - You could certainly recreate this with a red marker, and plain pharmacy gauze
  • Two ribbons, in any color you choose
  • Flat backed jewels/crystals
  • A Cardboard towel tube (For accurate measurements)

  • These skeleton hands come in a pair, one having a set of plastic prongs that fit into the other. Cut your gauze to size (8" here) and lay it across the prong holes
  • Then use your glue gun (or borrowed glue gun) to put a dot of glue between the two holes
  • Firmly press the other skeleton hand atop the first, fitting the prongs into the holes. The glue should bond in just a few seconds
  • Then, grab your flat backed jewel/crystal and place a small dot of glue from the glue gun on the back of the gem
  • Place the gem on the top skeleton hand, and wrap the gauze through the fingers to create a nest effect for the jewel/crystal
  • Once you have wrapped the gauze around the jewel, flip the hands over
  • Cut two lengths of your choice of ribbon (8" here) and glue them both to the palm of the hand with your (or a friends) glue gun
  • Once they have firmly adhered, tie the gauze around the ribbon with a simple knot
And there you have it! Simple and fun, perfect for a Halloween inspired dinner party or get together.

You can even use them as decorative ornamentation to candle sticks, forks, knives, spoons ... you name it, and it could probably be tied to it!

You can even use different colored jewels for very unique wine trinkets! And there you have it! A set of Spooktacular Napkin Rings / Wine Glass or Candle Holder trinkets perfect for your next Ghoolish Dinner Party, a set of 5, for about $5. That is unless of course you win the drawing I'm having for these!

Leave your name in the comments and it'll sign you up! (A set of 4) Good luck, and stay tuned for more Fall themed crafts this month! (I'm feeling very "Martha" this October!) :)