Sunday, October 4, 2009

and the winner is ...

Isa, at The World According to Isa! Thanks to everyone who commented! I hope to see tons of these ghoulishly fantastic napkin rings out there in bloggy land come Halloween!

As for my promised met Monday post on the dining room, I'm having to postpone. Just as I was finishing the last of my sewing projects, the needle broke on the machine! Can you say,
!!URGH!! My dining room is a heaped mess of fabric, trims, and tassels ... along with a needle-less sewing machine, and about 40 stitches to go. Certainly not ready for its closeup. You can imagine my frustration I'm sure.

I'll definitely be ready by Thursday, for a fantastic preview of our Soup and Bread Party, which I'm scrambling to get ready for next Sunday. You'll definitely not want to miss it! In other news - I'm knee deep in rubble and paraffin wax ... why? Come back tomorrow and find out! Congrats Isa!