Friday, October 16, 2009

Picture Proud

I've been blogging for a little more than a year now, mostly on topics that deal with interior design, but as you know if you've been reading for any great length of time - I will dive off into rants and raves about who knows what when my mind starts to run a muck. It wasn't until recently that I decided to purchase a better camera to catalog the things that I was blogging about, whether it be flowers, gardens, Chinese pottery ... you name it, and I've more than likely said something about it here.
The camera is simple, a Sony a200 DSLR that takes a great photo - even with a novice at the wheel. Perusing through old images on the blog and on the hard drive, I've come across a few that were pretty good ...

The new hallway vignette.

An old camera shot of the train cart in the sunroom.

The summer garden picnic.

More books on the train cart. Love the shadows of gray.

Two of my favorite things in the living room - the old door and the new orchid. Harmony, right?

The heavy orange - fall look.

And the semi- out of focus spring look taken with the old camera.

And we can't forget about the screen door project! Oh how I loved this summer!

After pouring over image after image however, I found that I simply don't have enough good shots of Casa de la Vanderdogan. The house is filled with things we cherish and love, all of which I have tried to put together in beautiful and meaningful collections.

I've learned that pictures on a blog are most important, with text following in a close second. How many of you actually read this post? (grin) Taking great pictures however takes time, and skill. Skill I'm honing, time I'm short, but I can try. So, this weekend, with camera in hand, I'm going to work on photographing Casa de la Vanderdogan (hopefully) as you've never seen it before. I'll share a few pictures each day next week, and gather your thoughts. Are you ready?

Have a beautiful weekend!