Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 1/33 : House Shots

If you read the post last Friday, you know that I am working on becoming one with my "new" camera and taking better pictures of our home. I figured what better way to catalog the experience than to post one picture a day, only of the inside of Casa de la Vanderdogan, so that you can all judge the success of the process. Let's say 33 days - that sounds like a fair number, right? I think I did a good job playing with new angles and with new accessories that you've probably never seen photographed on the blog before. I hope that you find them inspirational, but also beautiful.

(ABOVE:) The living room corner, with focus on the antique English pub sign we purchased 4-years ago in Ohio. It's oil paint on tin, framed in a rustic hardwood painted black. The crown finish on the top of the piece, and it's heavy iron hanging brackets suggest that this piece would have been hung outside of a pub in 19th century England - however, I'm more than happy with its current position.

The sofa, a large chesterfield type sofa, in a warm celedon piled deep with pillows in the same warm green, orange/coral, and kilim make a deliciously soft oasis for an afternoon respite.

The train cart was a free find in the backroom of a floral warehouse purchased by a friend of a friend. I got it about 2 years ago, well before they were carried by Restoration Hardware. When I spotted it from across the dark, dusty room, the wheels were pointing to the ceiling. We turned it over, and I was in love. With a little cleaning, it's become one of my favorite pieces in the house.

I decorate with a lot of books here at Casa de la Vanderdogan; books on interior design, entertaining, cooking, or just great novels. Stacked in groups I think they make the perfect lived in feel for a "barefoot" interior. Hope you enjoyed. Check back tomorrow for a kitchen shot!