Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 4/33 : The Master Bedroom Desk

We all need a little place that we can retire to after a long, hard, sometimes stressful day. I have an office (pictures of it will be coming up soon) but sometimes I need a beautiful place away from the glow of a computer screen to look through all the latest design magazines or my newest books.

Here, in the far right corner of our Master Bedroom, I've set up a console table as a convenient "desk" station, and accessorized it with all of my most favorite things. I know that many people are "less is more" when it comes to intimate spaces - but I love being surrounding by the collected things I adore.

A special thanks to my friends "Margaret" who let me cut her out of season hydrangeas to dry for this vignette, Melisa for selling her pewter urn to "Margaret's" husband at our block garage sale, and to "the husband" for letting me borrow it! And thank you to my friend Dorothy for helping to arrange the flowers, and for the vase you'll all see tomorrow, when the dining room turns into a library. Stay tuned, and make sure to Follow Me to be absolutely up-to-date!