Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 8/33: Close Up One

I'm judging by this photo that the best time to take pictures in the house is in the early afternoon. I've been playing with my camera a bit more today, and I'm finding that even when the room looks light enough at night, it's not reacting the same as it does to the natural light of the daytime hour.

This exercise has been informational, and fun - and I hope that you're enjoying the process. A road to better pictures, and a more styled Casa de la Vanderdogan. Above, a close up shot of the cart table.

Some of you have asked for specifics on this table, so I thought I'd answer some old questions today. I'm not sure what this cart would have been used for specifically, but I was told that more than likely it toted luggage from cart to cart. There are handles (6' posts) that slide down into either side of the cart, on the pictured wells. When they are in, it looks like an archaic version of bellman carts you see in high end hotels.

The Cart is from Ohio, and was used in the Cincinnati Railroad, as noted by a small metal tag about 2inches, by half an inch on the other side of the cart. A serial number and the words: CINC RR are all I have been able to find to track down the origins.

I haven't done anything to refurbish the cart because I think that the age and wear of the piece fit naturally in the eclectic interiors of our home. Some of the wood was splintered, so I did sand down sections of the splintering wood, and I cleaned it heavily before bringing it inside.

We've had the cart for approximately 2-years, though it feels like longer. I was scared of what Scott might think of it when I brought it home, but when he walked through the swinging door of the kitchen, into the dining room and saw the cart through the french doors of the living room he said: "GREAT PIECE!"

Tomorrow, another close up.

Day 7/33: Living Room

The living room. Gosh, the saturation of the oranges and reds in the rugs, pillows, and throws are way out of line with the actual coloring of the space. I've been working with the camera, and eliminated the noise in the background of the image ... but I can't get the saturation down.

Thankfully, I have a neighbor who is familiar with DSLR's and Photoshop and has offered to help me with a few things. Til' then - I sure hope that you can look past the dayglow orange until I fix this and enjoy the composition of the space.