Sunday, November 15, 2009

Update: They're HERE!

I knew that the idea of 700 feathers would conjure up a little excitement ... but I had no idea that it would spark so much curiosity! Since they arrived (with the exception of 50 that were accidentally left out of the order) on Friday, I thought I'd share what we're doing here ... well, a "tease" anyway! :)

That's right. Peacock! Now, if you take the time to google "PEACOCK CHRISTMAS" you'll come up with no more than 8 trees. All of them beautiful, but not necessarily in keeping with the CdlV style. I couldn't understand why there wasn't inspiration to be had in the photo world, until I got the feathers and started to play with the idea.

It can go south quite quickly: from chic and sophisticated to cheap and tacky in a snap! So I've put it together, taken it apart, put it back together, and then taken it back apart - bought $40 worth of Moroccan lanterns ... then put it back together, well, you get the idea. Definitely the most difficult of the "themes" I've ever come up with ... and I've been tempted to toss the idea. But I think that I'm on track now, and I'll make sure to show you soon!

The good part is that in all of the frustration, I took a break to finish the live green arrangement outside. Wanna see?