Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Last night, after hours (literally) of mentally racking my design/creative noggin' I finally figured out how I could attack the Peacock themed Christmas tree.

As a bit of back up, you should know that I started this tree in mid-October. I pulled the tree out of the garage and set it up in the basement to spray 4 cans of spray snow (the kind meant for use on windows) onto the tree. At the time, it was a fabulous idea, and a great way to get the look I wanted while saving well over $150. Then, I opened up the bin of ornaments I purchased at the end of year sales last year for 75%-90% off to see what my 2008 noggin' had dreamt up. Thankfully, there was some good stuff in there, and a lot of it. I'm not sure what I spent, but I know that it was well worth it, and at a huge discount. Now, of course, I did buy some things this year, and the snow idea was great, til' I started to move the tree. CdlV is now a litter of tree dandruff!

Still, last night, in a fifth or sixth "second" wind, I put together 3/4 of the tree, and I have to say - I am very happy with it. More happy when the lights were off, than on - but still happy none-the-less. I should finish it up tonight and start on the staircase, hopefully finishing before midnight, so I can be up early enough tomorrow morning to take a daylight picture of the beautiful greens arrangement at the front of CdlV.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to check in here even though pictures of the house have been few. A special few have been in the house in the past few days, and I am sure they would agree - it's just not picture worthy. But, since Scott invited people over Sunday for a test run on the fried turkey, I'll have everything spotless and back in CdlV's natural order and ready for a whole month of pictures next week!