Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December to Remember Day 2: Peacock Christmas Tree

In 2006, I saw the most beautiful ornament at a Hobby Lobby in Texas. Scott and I thought about purchasing the ornament in depth before putting it and 22 others in the cart. They were beautiful, and they captured the light like faceted crystal - even though they weren't. Not only that, but they were the perfect colors: a base of glittered green and blue with a beaded cloak like attachment in purples, blues, greens, and even a few golds. Now, you're probably thinking: "Why were you in such deep thought over an ornament? Even 23 ornaments?" Well - because we both knew that it meant hundreds of more ornaments that we had yet to find. Hundreds of ornaments, equalling hundreds of dollars and the headache of moving totes of ornaments to New York, afterall - we already knew we were moving.

Ultimately, obviously, we decided to buy them. And now, three years - and - 123 ornaments, 698 feathers, 5 spools of ribbon, and 8 strands of beaded garland later. We finally have it:

The peacock Christmas tree - unlit. In our foyer, where the secretary and blue and white Chinese porcelain lives during the summer months. The walls are a beautiful sort of coral/terracotta color in this room, and even though it's pretty narrow the tree fits perfectly in this corner. Don't you find that warm wall color a great complement to the blues and greens of this tree?

The peacock Christmas tree, lit. Note the beautiful Moroccan lanterns in the center of the tree. Those beautiful lanterns were a clearance find at TJMaxx at $22/each. They weigh about 6 pounds and were wired onto the tree stand. I filled them with blue lights and green lights, to give a little whimsy to the already non-traditional stride.

The staircase railing is free of greens and garland, as I figured there are enough of those throughout the house - anymore here would have just been overkill. So I opted for 5 blocks of oasis, glued and wired together to hold this arrangement of green glittered poinsettia blossoms, beaded garland strands, glass ornaments, and several beautiful peacock plumes.
We'll be seeing more of this tree in the future installments of the December to Remember around CdlV, as I'll be giving a couple of these ornaments away in later days. But for now, let me show you a few of our favorites:

I'm in love with these peacock feather covered balls. They came on stems, perfect for adorning the tree in this tree-topper. They came 2 to a stem, both with different circumferences, and are available at HOBBY LOBBY for $4.99. Mixed in with the peacock feathers I waited what seemed like years to receive, and a few "snow" covered birch branches ... the crown to this tree was born. From that point ... I moved onward:

making my way down the tree. I picked up some of these mirrored ornaments at TJMAXX because they reminded me of the Moroccan lanterns that I picked to give the tree it's center. Fortunately, my friend Melisa was kind enough to pick up a few more to finish off the tree from a HomeSense in Canada.

Of course, the lanterns are beautiful, but still not my favorite. Even the peacocks (did you notice them) take a distant second to these gorgeous finds! Can you spot them? Do you think that you know which ones I'm talking about?

Well, come back Sunday to see my favorite ornaments on this tree, and to enter the giveaway for 2 just like them! I promise, you won't want to miss this!
So tell me, what do you think? Is a peacock tree in your Christmas future?