Saturday, December 5, 2009

December to Remember Day 5: Getting Ready for the Newspaper

I was lucky enough to be asked to write a free lance list of my top tips for Christmas Tree decorating, and tomorrow they'll be coming to take pictures of me and the house for the story which should run next week.
As you can imagine, I'm running around frantically trying as best I can to pick up all the stray bits of glitter. Updates to follow...
Tip 1: The More, The Better!
It's hard to imagine that this tip, beyond all others, will take your tree from blah to ah! But it simply is the number one secret to creating a designer tree. Repeating like ornaments has a huge impact on the beauty of a tree. It gives a tree color, shape, and interest. Keep in mind that ornaments in sizes ranging from small to large are most appealing to the eye, while a myriad of luster and sheens keep the tree interesting and different even when the same colors are used. Even though you'll find that oversized ornaments may cost a bit more, you won't need many and the pairing is nothing short of stunning.