Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

You know, as a child growing up in the mid-90's, I thought what will 2010 hold? Ok, well - maybe I wasn't that concerned with it ... but I do remember thinking I'd have a flying car, and a cell phone that would allow me to call the person driving in front of me simply by keying in their license plate number ... now how fun would that be?

"Excuse me, could you drive a little faster than 15MPH? I'm in a hurry to buy my flying car!"

But, we still don't have flying cars, and as far as I know the only way you can dial the person driving in front of you is if you are lucky enough to have their telephone number in your directory. Yes, things are far different than my young mind imagined them, but still 2010 is here and it's time to embrace it for all it's worth. If I learned one thing from 2009, it's that you get very little done while dreaming. So, I took some initiative, and what was this:

Became this:
And then this:

I'm working on putting the foyer back together, but wanted to check in with all of you and wish you the happiest start to 2010! How did you spend the first day?