Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tulip Regrets

I took the time this fall to plant tulip bulbs around the property of CdlV, with the hopes that Spring would breath new life into the landscape that (as of right now) was covered with feet of snow. I must have spent hours planting each one in groups with allium, and Peruvian daffodils, and snow drops only to see squirrels digging them up each day, carefully avoiding the daffodils. I regret not forcing them in the house this year, and now it looks like I'm too late.

Remember my orange tulips last spring?

Orange tulips are my favorite flower, hands down! I planted these in our zinc urn and they did very well in the living room until the early summer. Forcing tulips isn't difficult (so I hear) but I believe you have to start very early (November) to get a beautiful tulip in the spring. If I'm wrong here, please let me know!

But since I figured I wouldn't have orange tulips this year, well - at least forced orange tulips, I'd spend some time looking at how beautiful they look in other rooms:

Yes, orange tulips ... these pictures only make me love them more, how about you? What's your favorite flower?