Monday, January 18, 2010

Vignettes I Love

Tonight will be the last night of packing up the Winter/Christmas mess. The bulk of it was done yesterday, and tonight I'll be putting the final touches on everything else - pushing it all toward the back door for it's final journey to the garage tomorrow. So of course, I started thinking of what exactly I'd be doing with everything now that I've got a clean slate. My mind went to the brass candlesticks that I've collected over the years. There must be 50 of them in a box in the basement just waiting to have some shelf time - and I found the vignette above with the beautiful brass kitchenware in this gorgeous country kitchen. I just fell in love ... what do you think of it? The stone and pine, paired with that aged brass just makes my heart sing!

Then of course, baskets and books are my favorite of all things to accessorize with. Functional, beautiful, and specific to YOU, books and baskets are always a great way to go, don't you think?

And if all else fails - flowers, layered art, and a few feathers in a silver urn would be beautiful too! So, tonight amidst the push and shove of bins and boxes, the photo taking of my newest adventure/project that I'll be sharing with all of you in just a few short days, and cleaning the living room in an effort to put it all back together ... I'll be mulling over these vignettes, pulling the best parts of all three to create something uniquely CdlV. What will you be doing?