Thursday, January 21, 2010

Start Your Engines ...

For almost a year, our upstairs bathroom has been a disaster zone; broken into pieces, missing walls and tiles, bathtub and shower, and the only walls left a fan deck of paint colors. Why, you ask? A myriad of reasons: money, time, decisions, time ... time. But, it's time to start the engines because this Saturday the tub and shower walls are being prepped for tile and the tub will be installed along with the very expensive shower/tub faucets and heads.

Taking time to make an informed decision was lengthy, but well worth it. Months of pouring over images and looking through tile and light fixtures, sizing up vanities, mirrors, and re-working wiring to allow for a towel warming bar and a few overhead fixtures. Today, I thought it a good idea to look through that inspiration file once more ... and in doing so, I picked my favorite images to share with all of you:

I love the clean feeling that this bathroom gives with its white beadboard and soft gray walls. Of course, I saved this picture for the feeling the image gave me as a whole, but my favorite parts of it, and the pieces that I have taken for my own bathroom: the bamboo textures of the towel caddy and chair, along with the brushed nickel/white combination of the light fixtures and faucets.

In this Sarah Richardson bathroom, I fell in love with the wall color beneath the chair rail. A soft misty green-gray color, paired with white. Fresh, spa-like, and a perfect fit with the colors we already have throughout. Additionally, those simply framed black and white photos with heavy white mats are just spectacular. Look for something similar in the CdlV bath.

The soft cherry woodtones of this vanity were the perfect color for the white and soft blue-gray colors in this bathroom. The CdlV vanity, though smaller, also is finished in cherry. I'm so looking forward to the bathtub being in place so that the flooring can follow, and the whole room can come together.

Masculine and simple, this bathroom would be my idea of nearly perfect. However, the bathroom at CdlV could never have this configuration. Instead, I've borrowed this photo for the photography.

The patterned floor is much more patterned than the planned floor at CdlV, but black and white is certainly in the plan. In fact, the tile has already been purchased ... it's a matter of figuring out the band of black Scott and I can both agree on. Doesn't it look fantastic mixed with the brushed nickel and zebra hide?

This image is gorgeous, for so many reasons. It feels a little like flower cutting studio meets bathroom to me. But CdlV took inspiration from the linen shower curtain, white tile behind the tub, and the fresh but simple window treatments.

I'm still on the look out for this footed mirror. If anyone knows where one can be found, please let me know. On the other hand, isn't that manufacturing steel towel tower fantastic!?

And finally - the muse. The perfect wall color, subway tile, black and white floor, and brushed nickel faucets. This, is the goal. Keep your fingers crossed for Saturday ... and of course, as it all shapes up, I'll keep you in the loop.