Friday, January 22, 2010

Some Bath Decisions ...

Having taken the time to really think about the steps of this reno, the finishes, the accessories, the paint, and the overall feel - I feel like I've put together the pieces here to include the most fantastic of the things that make me happy each and every day. Afterall, shouldn't your bathroom be fantastic? So, in the spirit of sharing the enthusiasm and excitement of the beginning of this process, here are a few pairings I can't wait to put together in the new room:

European linen and blue and white porcelain. European linen has a slub that more processed linens do not, so the texture is almost a soft burlap. When we started thinking about shower curtains for CdlV's new bath, I had my mind and heart set on the Bosporus Toile in flax, but, Scott was not on board. So after a few visits to the fabric store, we set in on the feel and texture of a gorgeous European linen we found online. The sample next to my collection of blue and white porcelain is like seeing two best friends reunited.

Luxurious turkish cotton towels in white, monogrammed with of course: CdlV, along with the beautiful sconces in satin nickel to coordinate with the bath and sink faucets.

Scott's orchids in lime washed terracotta pots, and glass and satin nickel bath coordinates, which will sit atop a great chinois faux bamboo table, along with a great glass lamp, just beneath the satin nickel towel warming bars.
And subway tile will surround the tub, simple in white, with perhaps one black band near the top in a smaller rope braided tile only 5" tall. And the satin nickel rain head shower head, tub faucet, along with a handheld that rotates ... I'm so ready for that. :)
Thoughts so far?