Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bathroom Lighting

Super Interior Designer, Suzanne Kasler has great taste and great ideas. She also garners great press! Her name has been stamped on furniture for Hickory Chair, Lighting carried by Circa Lighting and a host of other high end lighting distributors, books, magazine features, show houses - you name it, and Kasler has probably done it.

I read an interview Kasler did for Decorati, where she says she gets tons of inspiration from Paris, and she'd visit again and again, because to her, "it is the most beautiful and inspiring place in the world." Perhaps that's why she designed the Flea Market wall sconces that I am falling all over to use as bathroom lighting.

Surprise, surprise - it's out of my budget. Now, realistically - though I've never seen it in person - the wall lantern is probably well worth the $420 price tag, but multiply that by two, and $840 puts them right on the edge of impossible. In a different house, a different place, a different market - there'd be no hesitation, afterall - I've spent more time admiring them than I'd like to admit ... but it doesn't make good fiscal sense in this reno. So I sought out looking for copies that would fit better into my budget. That is til' Suzanne and I become best friends and she sends me a pair for my birthday - MAY 10th (just incase).

I searched High and Low, and found a few that are similar, but not nearly as beautiful that fit more comfortably into the budget I've set for lighting. Anyone got any ideas on where I can find antique wall lanterns around $175/ea.?